How to Hack Time Scarcity?

Since I started to coach, I’ve noticed that one common struggle many people face is time management. It has become a burning question especially during Covid-19 because the boundary between work and life is blurred. There are so many conflicting priorities that require our attention, but we have only 24 hours a day – time is a scarce resource.

Unspoken Rules of Performance Management: Talent Calibration

If you have not heard of “talent calibration”, don’t be surprised, because not many managers talk about it. Some companies even keep it hush hush. However, you should definitely try to learn about it, because it is one of the things that may decide your promotions, pay increase, and/or bonuses.

We Need a Blue Ocean Strategy for Networking!

Recently a couple of MBA students from my alma mater reached out to me for networking, which reminded me that it was the job searching season for MBA students again. Although alumni networking is important, I’d like to share some of my personal experience to provide a different perspective.