Networking的藍海策略之二: 勿以卵擊石

上次分享了一點自己對於和校友 vs. 非校友做networking的一些想法,有些朋友(特別是那些剛到美國正要開始找工作的朋友)覺得有些許共鳴,所以想再分享一個自己對美國MBA社交酒會的觀察和看法,希望能幫這些新朋友從新審視最適合自己的networking方式。

Networking的藍海策略之一: 非校友網絡

又到了MBA開始找工作的季節, 最近也陸陸續續收到一些在校學弟妹們networking的來信, 雖然校友網絡確實重要, 但今天我想根據自身的經驗,提供一個不太一樣的觀點。

We Need a Blue Ocean Strategy for Networking!

Recently a couple of MBA students from my alma mater reached out to me for networking, which reminded me that it was the job searching season for MBA students again. Although alumni networking is important, I’d like to share some of my personal experience to provide a different perspective.