How to Hack Time Scarcity?

Since I started to coach, I’ve noticed that one common struggle many people face is time management. It has become a burning question especially during Covid-19 because the boundary between work and life is blurred. There are so many conflicting priorities that require our attention, but we have only 24 hours a day – time is a scarce resource.

In a business world, we often face scarcity of capital, labor, and/or land. If we want to grow our manufacturing output under these constrains, we usually would try to solve it through a couple of approaches: 1) optimization, 2) automation, and 3) outsource. Why not apply the same strategies to deal with the scarcity of time? Take making a dinner as an example, how can we optimize our cooking process by standardizing our menus and the food preparation? How can we automate our dinner preparation using microwave foods? How can we outsource our dinner using Uber Eats? I found this framework particularly useful to help people come up with creative solutions for repetitive tasks and can be combined with Steven Covey’s time management matrix.

How would you use this framework to free up your time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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